fuMafia is a neo-mafia war game in which you can create and build a character. Your purpose is to grow the most powerful network of mob connections, crush all of your enemies and protect all of you and your mob's assets. To get there you'll have to commit crimes, enter into frequent battles with other mobs, launder money, and make wise investments. With your cash, you can buy weapons, territories, and other items. When you begin, you have a mob size of only one (or two if you were invited). Your character has several vital stats that can be improved that re-generate at various intervals.
Vital Stats
When you begin, you have a mob size of only one (or two if you were invited). Your character has several vital stats that can be improved that regenerate at various intervals:

Your health will change as a result of attacking or being attacked. If your health is too low, you'll be safe from being attacked by other mobs but will also be unable to initiate attacks on others until your health is back up above 20%.

Your energy is used to perform missions. More energy is required for more advanced missions, yielding higher payouts, more experience, or other loot. Sometimes missions require using certain equipment or a minimum mob size in order to be accomplished successfully.

You must have stamina to attack other mobs. Each attack that you initiate will decrease your stamina by one. Over time, your stamina will come back.

Cash $
Initially, cash is earned by completing missions and winning the attacks that you initiate on other mobs. If your mob is attacked and your cash is not in the bank, some or all of it may be stolen. In the beginning cash does not re-generate, but when you start investing your cash wisely, you may start earning a cash flow where your money will grow along a regular interval.

Other Important Stats

Mob Size

Your mob size is just as important as equipment in determining whether you win or lose a battle. The maximum size of a mob is 750 but you will only be allowed to bring a certain number of mobsters to a fight depending on your Mafia Rating (below).

Mafia Rating
Your mafia rating is your in-game level and increases as you gain experience points from successful missions or attacks. Your mafia rating is very important, as it will determine the maximum size of your mob you are allowed to bring with you into a fight. In the beginning, you can only bring up to 5 of your mobsters into a fight to help you. Additionally, you receive skill points as your mafia rating increases. Once your mafia rating goes beyond 250, an increasing number of mobsters fin your mob will be able to hold one extra weapon per mobster. For example, at a rating of 750, your mobster will be able to hold 1500 guns.

Skill Points
These are points that you can spend on improving your personal stats. These stats include defense power (improving your chances when attacked) or to increase your attack power (so that you're more successful when attacking others). Also, skill points may be used to raise the ceiling on how much total health, energy, or stamina that your character has. Strategic decisions here can strongly affect your character and mold the future of your mob character.

Commit various unsavory acts and get rewarded with cash payouts, experience points, and sometimes loot! Missions require energy and some require you to own items and/or have a certain mob size before you are able to accomlish them successfully. As your mafia rating increases, more missions will become available.
Owning territories is how you invest your cash if you want cash returns. Each property will yield a certain amount of income on a regular interval. Different investment strategies will yield better results so make smart investments and be richly rewarded! As your mafia rating increases, new territory may become available for you to purchase.
Who doesn't like a little bit of help? You can call in various favors that will help you get a faster start into the game or get you out of a jam quickly.
Gift Favors
If you come across a mobster in need, you can gift them Health, Energy, Stamina, or Cash Favors. Simply go to their Mobster profile and click the "Gift Favor" button:

gift favors

NOTE: Your recipient can redeem the gift Favor anytime he or she chooses.
The bank allows you to keep your hard earned *cough* money safe from being stolen when you are attacked by others. This bank is a little bit crooked to even associate with the likes of you and doesn't want to be bothered with anything less than $10,000. The good news is that the bank will keep your cash safe. The bad news is that the bank will charge you a percentage of your money as a laundering fee at the time of deposit. Bank funds are required when you need to visit the hospital because the hospital doesn't take dirty money.
Cash Flow, Income, and Upkeep
Your cash flow is determined by this formula:
Cash Flow = Income - Upkeep (per hourly pay interval)
For example, if you own 10 Newsstands ($1000 Income) and 1 Body Armor ($250 Upkeep) your cash flow is $750.

It wouldn't be organized crime if a few skulls didn't get cracked every once in a while, right? You can attack anybody who is not in your personal mob. When you attack or are attacked, you bring members of your personal mob along with you. The number of players that come to your fight is determined by two things: 1) your mafia rating and 2) your mob size. For example, if your mafia rating is only one you can only bring up to five mobsters into battle.

Each member of your mob counts as extra attack or defense depending on whether you were the one who initiated the fight. It might greatly help your outcome to buy enough equipment so that each mobster you bring into a battle has one item of each type (weapons/armor/etc) to use. In an effort to keep fights somewhat fair between both the beginner and the advanced players, you may only go to battle with characters that have the same (or very close) rating as yourself. Even with these restrictions in place, you may backhand people of any level :)

The winner of the attack (either the attacker or the defender) will have experience applied to their player. With experience comes player rating (or level) increases

UPDATED 11/30/2011 - Experience for fighting has a new equation!

Constants (unchanged):

Maximum experience gainable = 1*rating, capped at 10.
(this was reduced from 5*rating, capped at 25 on Jan 12, 2011)

NEW experience formula:

lowest_power = min(attack_power, defense_power) take loser's respective power
highest_power = max(attack_power, defense_power) take winner's respective power
percent_difference = min(1,(highest_power/lowest_power)-1) get the percent difference between powers on both ends,
capped at 100% difference
winner experience = maximum*percent_difference adjust winner experience to be lower for closer fights,
higher for large disparities in power

OLD experience formula:

lowest_power = min(attack_power, defense_power) take loser's respective power
highest_power = max(attack_power, defense_power) take winner's respective power
quotient = dividend/divisor divide winner's power by loser's power
winner experience = maximum*quotient adjust winner experience to be higher for closer fights,
lower for large disparities in power

If one examines the previous formula, one should note the equation 'rewards' experience for very close fights and not so much experience for strong victories. What this effectively does is push well-matched players apart from one another and keeps poorly-matched players within attack range for a longer time.

If one examines the new formula, one will find that it pushes over-powered players up and away from badly-matched opponents and into the realm of opponents with whom they're more well-matched to fight.

Special Exceptions
A special exception has been made for players that are hitlisted, as they will frequently incur attacks from far weaker players. Under the circumstances of a hit-list attack, winner experience has been capped at 1.

Also in cases where the game detects likely intentional 'malicious leveling' other legitimate players, the experience applied to an attack victim, post-win, may be zero.

Hit List
Plain and simple, the Hit List is a means by which you may arrange for the death of another player's character by offering up a bounty to whomever finishes the kill. When you're hit-listed, the hospital can offer your character no protection from its inevitable death. To hit-list another player, simply click the "Add to Hitlist" button found on his or her profile to put everything into motion.
Equipment is required to carry out some missions. More importantly, equipment gives your personal mob the tools it needs when going into battle. Try to buy enough equipment for each allowable mob member you take into battle so that they have the tools they need to win. Please note that some of the higher-end equipment will have an upkeep cost that gets applied against your cash flow for every pay-out interval. As your mafia rating increases, more equipment will become available for you to purchase.
The hospital is a place of healing. When your health is too low to fight, you may exchange money to boost your health by small amounts in exchange for cash that you have in the bank. You must have a bank account to use the services of the hospital because they only take clean (laundered) money.
Turfs are special places in fuMafia that you may join to hang out and chat with other players. Turfs have a hierarchy of power that goes as follows: Boss, Underboss, Lieutenant, Soldier, and Associate. It's a personal decision that you must make whether or not to join a turf. Joining a turf is not required. A couple things to consider before joining a turf:
  • Turf membership involves a variable cut of most your fighting and mission profits that go to mafia turf tax.
  • If your position in the turf is Soldier or higher, you will be allowed to claim a percentage of these taxes for yourself.

You may find turfs to join by clicking the “Browse Turfs” button on your fuMafia homepage. If you would like to start your own turf instead, you may do so by completing the “Build And Run a Turf” mission.

Turf Wars

Turf wars are a new way for turfs to establish dominance over one another in fuMafia. Two turfs may enter into agreement to brawl with one another for 25 minutes straight.

To arrange a turf war, you must first be the Boss or Underboss of a turf. Then, when you visit another turf you will see a "Challenge this turf to war!" button at the top of the enemy turf. When you click the button you'll be taken to a scheduling screen to select day & time. Upon confirmation, a notice will appear in both turf feeds. The Boss or Underboss of the enemy turf may choose to accept or reject the challenge which will also be reflected in on both turf feeds.

The following special rules in effect when you're at war with another turf:

  • 1. Infinite stamina when attacking someone in opposing turf
  • 2. Back-hands cannot be done from the hospital against enemy turf during this time
  • 3. Instant 100% health after coming back to life

Turf War Questions and Answers
  • Q: Can other turfs interfere during turf wars?
  • A: Yes! But it will not count towards the wins for either turf.

  • Q: What about turfs that try to stay in the hospital after having he highest win count?
  • A: Kills count as wins also. Hitlisting of turf members will count as wins to the turf that put out the hit. Also deaths incurred by back-handing with Doctor's Scrubs will count as wins as well.

  • Q: What if it's a tie?
  • A: Then both of your turfs are lame. We'll surprise you.


There are TWO ways to get mercenaries! Read carefully!

Original method -- Get your friends to create brand new accounts (not new characters) from an Email, Link, facebook, MySpace, or Twitter invitation. Each Mercenary adds UP TO 10 TIMES the attack and defense power with your best available weapon!

New Method -- Get pre-existing fubar users to start their "first" character in fuMafia using your mercenary join link!

Important limitations to the NEW method:

1. Invited fubar user must have no other fuMafia players at time of following invite link!

2. Invited fubar user must have signed up before May 24th, 2018 to be eligible!

3. BOTH parties must have salutes!

4. Understand that your mafia cash bonus is substantialy less with mercenaries that have been recruited internally!

5. Understand that both fubar accounts may be forfeited upon discovery of parties sharing their login information with one another!

The multiplier for each Mercenary is determined by their Mafia Rating:

Level 2 = 6X Attack and Defense
Level 3 = 7X Attack and Defense
Level 4 = 8X Attack and Defense
Level 5 = 9X Attack and Defense
Level 6 = 10X Attack and Defense

When Mercenaries reach a Mafia Rating of 5, they will become eligible to be hit-listed: Dead Mercenaries do NOT contribute to your increased attack and defense strength.

Note: For the sake of preventing fraud, Mercenaries will not be credited if they sign up from the same computer and/or network as you or other members already on fubar unless in such cases that both parties are already saluted

My Mobster
View your own profile here and find links to navigate you through your own personal mob.
See who's winning the most fights or banking the most money!
Point blank, racketeering is a chance for specific turfs to gain a temporary advantage over other turfs by awarding them partial ownership in the banking, health care, and other industries.

Here is how it works: A set number of new commodities will be added into fuMafia. For bank and hospital commodities, each fuMafia player will have their choice of which bank to use for laundering their money and which hospital to use for healing. A turf boss will be able to pull a number from a lottery style system to bid on one (and only one) of the available commodities. Upon winning a commodity, some of the profits will begin funneling into the winning turf's tax, allowing ranking members of the turf to claim significantly higher bonuses for the duration that the partial ownership is in effect. When the default hospital and bank are un-owned, they will continue to operate normally. All other new commodities will go into a state of non-operation unless they are owned by a turf.

Some of these new establishments may operate differently than players are familiar. For example, there could be different heal price/health points combinations between hospitals. Banks might have alternate laundering fee costs. Optionally, the new commodities may be password-protected as to control who, outside of the turf, has access to the commodity for whatever reason or purpose that the owning turf should decide.

To enter the rackeering lottery click the 'Lottery' menu option in the main fuMafia menu bar. Once your turf controls a particular racket, both boss and underboss may find new settings in the Turf Settings menu if there are settings that can be adjusted.

Types of business rackets (potential benefits):
  • - Banks (turf bonuses/control of banking)
  • - Hospitals (turf bonuses/control of healing)
  • - Equipment (turf bonuses/control of equipment or upgrades)
  • - Stat Boosting (temporary boost to one or more player stats for turf members)

New changes as of Nov 28th, 2011

  • - Banks are going to transfer less money into turf tax. fuMafia inflation is out of control.
  • - Upon winning a racket, the duration it is kept for is now RANDOM (12-24) hours!
  • - Expiration and Lottery win times are going to be all over the place. The important thing to remember is that you cannot win a racket until it has been unowned for at least four hours. Your entry will continue to sit until the racket is eligible for drawing.

Partial ownership of a commodity is won for a random time frame between 12 and 24 hours. Your protected time from would be half of the fore-mentioned random time frame (6-12 hours, respectively). During the protected period of time, your turf should be able to hold on to the commodity with no problems. After this time, the commodity may be released back into the lottery system if (and only if) all of the highest ranking members (all Lieutenants, the Underboss, and the Boss) of the turf are all dead simultaneously.

NOTE: If the commodity is released pre-maturely by way of turf officer deaths, the drawing wait time of 4+ hours will be waived and the commodity will be given out during the very next lottery drawing.

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